Modified LowRider 540-2 Pole Motor

Motors are currenlty on special and once they are gone we will no longer offer them as we are getting out of the motor market.

ROAR Approved

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Introducing the SMC Low Rider Modified motor.

When we set out to design a new motor, we wanted to bring something new to the table not just slightly tweak an existing recipe. We want maximum drivability with a linear power delivery and still have tons of top end. With grip levels ever increasing, we want to get a small, light motor as low as possible in the chassis to increase corner speeds. We also want the best materials to get heat out as easily as possible and have it resist fade, so you can push for the whole race distance.

The result is the Low Rider. We minimized the outer diameter, shed the useless can and shrunk the length as much as the rules allow us to. The small package drops the weight more than 17% from our Totemic Modified platform. And by utilizing the new diameter, the mounting holes are offset to lower the motor in the motor mount. This leads to a light motor slung way down in your chassis.

But all the cool design features would make it just another mod motor if we didn’t take our unique design and tune the power band for what we all are after: faster laps that are easier to repeat! The bottom end is silky smooth with the stator and rotor working together to get tractable power to the ground and allowing you to use more throttle with increased confidence. The mid range flows seamlessly from the bottom with no kick, a common issue in 2-pole brushless motors that tend to have hard kick in the mid range breaking traction right when you need it the most. And our stator allows the motor to rev out without feeling like it falls flat. Smooth bottom and high KVs, the result of looking at the stator from a completely different angle.

The stator steel was specially selected for the power band of Mod racing, allowing very high RPM and keeping the power under control at low speeds. The rotor is tuned to the stator steel with sizing and magnet strength/heat resistance balanced for a wide range. A completely new sensor board design allows the assembly to always sit flat and square to the rotor shaft. And the end-bell and mounting cap are locked into the stator assuring bearing alignment and low vibrations.
The Low Rider met all our design criteria to give you the best of current motor development. Now let it power you to your next win!

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Low Rider Sensor Board

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