RF-120 (1S & 2S)

The SMC RF-120 ESCs are designed for serious racing, offering exceptional throttle control and great power handling. It is available in 1S and 2-3S configurations.

RF-120-1S: a small package with a big punch. The ESC features a smooth aluminum case with no fan provision to maximize space and weight efficiency.

RF-120V2-2S:  This ESC features a heat dissipating case and comes equipped with a cooling fan. New and improved on/off button.

Both models are fully programmable to suit each application and come with an on-board on/off switch to minimize wiring and maximize space efficiency.

SMC ESCs have a 2 year warranty.   If an issue happens in the first year we will send you a new ESC free of charge upon return of the defective ESC.  In the second year we will replace your ESC at 50% of the cost of a new one plus shipping.   


ESC Downloads:

RF-120 Instructions (.pdf) Vers. 1.1
RF-120 Programming Descriptions (.pdf)

PC Program & Firmware

Video on how to setup the ESC with your radio

Video on how to flash firmware

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Program Box for RF-120/RF170/RF150-8 ESC

Program Box for RF-120/RF170/RF150-8 ESC

This is the Program Box for the RF-120, RF-170 and RF-150-8 line of SMC Electronic Speed Controls..


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