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The whole subject of C rating has gotten wildly out of control within the RC industry. The C rating is supposed to be the battery’s ability to provide current, but has evolved into a marketing ploy to make packs look better. SMC, as a well-known leader in the RC car battery market, has followed along with this trend. We have always offered quality packs at great prices, and our C rate scale reflects the performance of a pack, i.e. our 100C Extreme packs have a higher performance than our 40C Factory Spec packs.

 Most of these packs are ROAR approved, meaning they have C rating, that reflects our placing of these packs within the market compared to our competition’s packs. But we now also include our True Spec rating which is more accurate then C rate as it's based on true measurements. You can use our True Amp rate rating to determine which of our packs offer the most power.  The higher the amp rating the more voltage the pack will give under load as it's built with cells that have lower internal resistance.


SMC True Spec Rating:

Every True Spec battery is rated by Amps. In theory amps it is pretty much the same as C rate but the difference with True Spec Amp rating is that we're actually listing how we get the results, so anyone can do the same testing and confirm our rating. This means true results you can count on.

All testing is done at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) on a fully charged pack. It’s important that the pack has settled at this temperature, as temperature can easily influence the result.

Amp Rate: The packs amp rate is determined by the IR (Internal Resistance) of the cells in the pack tested with the Full Analysis ESR meter and actual capacity of the pack (the capacity printed on the pack should always be verified by an actual discharge cycle). Then these values are entered into the Lipotool. This tool was developed (not by SMC) to help users get a true handle on their packs real world performance.

Using our True Spec amp rating you can determine which pack will provide more power/speed.  The higher the amp rating means the internal resistance is lower which allows more voltage under load to get to the motor.


Note on the Full Analysis ESR meter IR vs. charger IR: The ESR meter provides a calibrated IR measurement through industry standard parameters. Most chargers do not test to the high standard of the ESR meter, and most results are highly erroneous. We have seen such wild deviations in charger IR measurements, especially when compared to the standardized measurements of the ESR meter, that we cannot recommend testing using them.

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True Spec Premium V2 7.4V 5200mAh 390PF/75C

True Spec Premium V2 7.4V 5200mAh 390PF/75C

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