True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 Flight

We have received great feedback on our flight packs and we worked out a special price with the factory to try and get more of these out to the market.  The special prices will last until supply lasts.   

SMC is proud to venture into the RC battery flight market.  We've had great success in the car market and we want flight enthusiasts to be able to finally get high quality packs at a fair price.  We are approaching the flight pack market differently than our competitors and how we rate our surface packs.  We believe, for the most part, the flight pack consumer understands that C rates are pretty much useless and used to sell lower quality packs at a higher price.  True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 flight packs have true mAh and true factory C rate validated by SMCs own testing.  To help the customer better understand the differences between the different models SMC offers, we will list the PF (power factor) rating of each model. We have a triple QC (quality control) system.  The factory performs an initial QC check.   A second level of QC is performed before pack assembly. The third level is performed by SMC at our facility in Virginia. Prior to shipment all packs are tested for cell voltages to make sure they are in balance and at the proper internal resistance.  You can click here to see this simple yet important final QC step. As a customer, if you are tired of being misled for your hard earned money, we believe SMC will become your favorite battery supplier by being honest and offering the best possible packs at a fair price.  Below is the story of our Extreme Graphene V2 cells/packs.

After 8 months of R&D and testing, SMC is excited to release the Extreme V2 Graphene series of batteries. This is the third (and best) evolution to our Extreme series. The V2 Extreme Graphene series was developed for high performance and is well suited for speed run, drag racing, and the competitive racing markets.

The most important improvement to these cells is their reliability, which when combined with their increased power and performance, yields a battery that maintains their mAh and resistance run after run. Of course, proper care and maintenance is crucial to their longevity and performance.

How was SMC able to achieve this? Danny Sullivan explains below:

For those who want to know how we were able to achieve this new and improved cell formulation it’s pretty simple but time consuming.  The first step was to partner up with a factory that will listen to our needs and share and be willing to try new and more advanced materials. This tends to not be easy with most Chinese factories who do RC style cells.  Most of them focus on trying to be as profitable as possible and not spend too much on R&D.  We are lucky to have found one that was willing to work with us and achieve our goals.   The second step was to evaluate what cells they were able to make and study them against what we had access to from other companies.  Once we had a baseline we worked with them to push them to improve the cells.  There’s hundreds of companies selling raw materials but not all of them offer quality materials.  When it comes to the higher performance cells you need to find more advanced materials then your typical entry level packs.  Once you locate the best possible raw materials you have access to the next step is to try and locate advanced materials that will improve the performance.  In the end a cells formulation is like a recipe so if you use the best ingredients possible the cells will have the best possible performance.  When doing high performance cells it’s typically hard to make them as reliable as normal performance cells.   This is the main reason why this took 8 months to figure out as we had to test and revise the formulation to have the best possible outcome which we believe has been achieved.  

SMC has a reputation for offering high performance packs at reasonable prices. In fact, many of our competitors sell identical packs to our Extreme Graphene cells at 50%-100% more than what we offer them for. Why are they more?

1) They sell through a distribution networks that requires higher mark ups. More hands in the cookie jar.

2) They pay sponsored drivers and their expenses to race. In addition, they often brag about how many packs they give away at big races. Who do you think ultimately pays for that?

3) SMC buys in very large quantities and uses sea freight shipping to save cost. This only makes sense if you buy in the volumes SMC orders.

We feel that the exhaustive efforts we put into developing these batteries will be worth it in the long run. At SMC we are constantly pushing the envelope not only for performance, but for reliability, longevity, and value.

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