This charger comes with 2 balance boards 2 charging cables with the connector of your choice

HOTA D6 Plus Dual Channel Charger - 2 x 150W AC , 2 x 325W DC

D6 Plus(AC/DC) has all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the price. High balance discharge current so packs that are not perfectly matched for IR or mAh will charge faster.

  • Builtin AC power supply
  • Dual Channel Output -  2 x 150W AC - 2 x 325W DC
  • Faster Charging - Highly optimized charging algorithm with efficiency up to 94%
  • Intelligent Upgrade, Fast Experience - Built-in Micro USB connector for a much more convenient firmware upgrade experience.
  • Compatible with Various Batteries - Fully supports LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx (1~6S), NiZn/Nicd/NiMH (1~16S), Smart Battery (1~6S), Lead Acid(Pb)(2~24V), Enelop(1~16S)
  • Safe and Reliable - The most advanced circuit design and charging algorithm ensures a much more reliable charging and discharging with built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit and other malfunction warnings ensuring the safety of you and your Lipos


Input Voltage: AC100~240V / DC 6.5~30V 
Charge Current: 0.1~15A × 2 
Charge Power: DC 325W × 2(650W) 
AC 300W(Support power distribution with 210W maximum per channel) 
Discharge Power Internal discharge:15W × 2(balance port 10W) 
External discharge:325W × 2(650W) 
Battery Type LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx : 1~6S 
NiZn/Nicd/NiMH: 1~16S 
Smart Battery: 1~6S 
Lead Acid(Pb) : 2~24V 
Enelop: 1~16S 
Balance Current: 1600mA × 2 
Discharge Current: 0.1~3A × 2 
External Discharge Current: 1~15A × 2 
USB Output: 5V / 2.1A 
Dimensions: 98 ×165 × 67.5mm 
Net Weight: 825gr

Lipo charging rates for each channel when set at 150W per channel:  

1S:  15 Amps

2S:  15 Amps

3S:  12 Amps

4S:   9 Amps

5S:   7 Amps

6S:   6 Amps

Lipos charging rates when using one channel connected to AC.

1S:  15 Amps

2S:  15 Amps

3S:  15 Amps

4S:  12.5 Amps

5S:  10 Amps

6S:  8.5 Amps

Lipos charging rates on each channel when connected to a 24V DC power supply.

1S:  15 Amps

2S:  15 Amps

3S:  15 Amps

4S:  15 Amps

5S:  15 Amps

6S:  13 Amps

Hota D6 Plus AC/DC with balance boards and charging adapters

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