• True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 22.2V-6400mAh-150C Softcase

Since this pack is for a specific application please note it has limited availability.  This means we will not have these made as frequently as our other packs.

Click on the connector in the connector selection to see a picture of the connector option if one is needed

We are pleased to offer a new line up of speed run and drag racing packs.  These use our new True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 formulation which you can read up on by clicking here.  These packs have been designed to optimize power to weight ratio.  These packs have the highest possible performance in the market based on their weight/size to power ratio.  If you are serious about speed runs or drag racing then these are must have packs.  

To keep the weight as low as possible these are regular softcase packs with no G10 protection plates.  To lower the resistance these have 8AWG wires and come with no connectors.  We do offer connectors in the drop down menu but many who do speed runs/drag racing tend to use different connectors.

Due to the extreme nature of speed runs and drag racing please note there is no warranty on these packs.  Each pack is tested prior to shipping out to make sure it is free of manufacturing defects. 

- Built with wide tab cells for lowest possible internal resistance.
- 8AWG wires soldered straight to the tabs for lowest possible resistance. 

Pack Specs
Milliamp Hour 6400mAh
Voltage 22.2V
C Rate 150C 401 Power Factor
Configuration 6S2P Soft case
Length 140mm / 5.51in
Width 46mm/ 1.81in
Height 73mm / 2.87in
Weight 909gr /32.06oz

True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 22.2V-6400mAh-150C Softcase

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