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SMC would like to thank all it's loyal and new customers for their support in using our packs.  Unfortunately this is causing a supply issue as we are growing faster than expected.  SMC cells/packs are custom made based on the specs we need and the factory is currently very busy and taking longer than expected to get our orders produced.  This means we are out of stock on more models than expected and it will take a longer time to get these back in stock.  

HCL-HP-80C flight series packs will be back in stock by the end of May or early June.  Pushing the factory to try and get them in sooner but not sure this will be possible.

HCL-HP-150C car/truck and boat packs that are out of stock will be back in stock by the end of May or early June.

SRD-V3 speedrun packs that are out of stock will be back in stock by the second half of May assuming there is no other unforseen delays.  These cells are a bit more complicated to produce and require some materials that are not as readily available.

HCL-HP Flight pack series is now available. 

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New HCL-HC (High Capacity) series is now available.   These are premium grade 100% LCO packs available at market leading price. 

Our new SRD-V3 Speedrun , Drag & Boat Racing packs are now available but some models have soldout faster then expected.  We have placed a new order and expect it to be available by the first part of October.  

With our HCL-HV flight packs getting great feedback we've added a Helicopter section to help customers know which packs are recommended for the different size Helis.



Precision Lipo Alarm

Precision Lipo Alarm

We are proud to introduce our Precision Lipo Alarm designed to get a more precise cutoff then an E..

$9.95 $17.95

HCL-EC 7.4V 5200mAh 50C  wired hardcase

HCL-EC 7.4V 5200mAh 50C wired hardcase

Click on the connector in the connector selection to see a picture of the connectorTrue mAh +/- 5%:&..


HCL-HC 14.8V-10600mAh 120C

HCL-HC 14.8V-10600mAh 120C

True mAh +/- 5%:     10600mAhVoltage:         ..

$74.95 $94.95

Maxx Slash battery mount kit

Maxx Slash battery mount kit

Take your Traxxas Maxx Slash to the next level with our 3D Printed Battery Mount Upgrade! Say goodby..


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