SRD-V3 Speedrun & Boat Racing Packs

First shipment due in by the end of May

We are proud to introduce our new SRD-V3 Speedrun and Boat Racing Packs.   These are an evloution of our V2 series where changes in the cell design and cell formulation results in reducing the voltage drop under high amp loads. 

You can check out sample packs of this revised cell in the link below.

Tony Ingalls 208MPH World Record

With Speedruns being such a custom type of racing we are offering a lineup of pack we feel will give the speed racer good options to get the power they require.   

We are also offering a custom pack service.   Where you can choose from the 3 different thickness cells we offer under this new series to build the pack of your choice if the packs we stock are not meeting your requirements.   To be safe add 2mm to the height and width and 20mm to the length for pack assembly.  For example if someone wants a 8S1P pack using the 8.5x49x135 cell the pack size would be around 70x51x155mm.

Custom packs must be ordered by emailing us and we will give you the quote for price and estimated time for arrival.  Custom packs will need to be paid before we order them from the factory and there is no cancellation/refund possible.

5500mAh cell 8.5x49x135mm   

6200mAh cell 9.8x49x135mm

8500mAh cell 13 x49x135mm

For customers outside the US please contact us via email at to see if we can ship to your country and get you a quote with shipping.   We are able to ship to most places by shipping from Hong Kong. 

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SRD-V3 7.4V-12400mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 7.4V-12400mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     12400mAh Voltage:       &nb..

$104.95 $184.95

SRD-V3 11.1V-11000mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 11.1V-11000mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     11000mAh Voltage:       &nb..

$139.95 $244.95

SRD-V3 11.1V-6200mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 11.1V-6200mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     6200mAh Voltage:       &nbs..

$79.95 $139.95

SRD-V3 11.1V-8500mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 11.1V-8500mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     8500mAh Voltage:       &nbs..

$109.95 $189.95

SRD-V3 14.8V-11000mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 14.8V-11000mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     11000mAh Voltage:       &nb..

$179.95 $329.95

SRD-V3 14.8V-6200mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 14.8V-6200mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     6200mAh Voltage:       &nbs..

$104.95 $184.95

SRD-V3 14.8V-8500mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 14.8V-8500mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     8500mAh Voltage:       &nbs..

$144.95 $254.95

SRD-V3 22.2V-6200mAh-250C  Speedrun pack

SRD-V3 22.2V-6200mAh-250C Speedrun pack

True mAh +/- 5%:     6200mAh Voltage:       &nbs..

$154.95 $274.95

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