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Say goodbye to the limitations of your Traxxas battery tray and upgrade to our powerful, printed battery tray from Garage Life RC. included Kevlar straps (4 x 300mm), this tray has you covered. This tray allows you to run bigger batteries and gives you the freedom to choose the size you need. Installation is easy and only requires drilling through the chassis to mount the tray. The package includes two trays and mounting hardware. 

You will drill through the chassis to mount this. 


2 trays and mounting hardware.


1. Remove your stock battery straps.

2. Set one of the new ones in the battery tray and use it as a template to drill through the chassis. A 7/64th drill bit works perfectly. Do the other side

3. Once the holes are drilled, remove the trays and insert the included nuts into the proper holes.  You may need to use a pliers to get the nut to snap into place. It should be flush with the top of the tray. 

4. Put your straps through, or around, the tray how you want to run them. 

5. Set the trays in the chassis and use the included screws to go up through the chassis, from the bottom, through the battery tray and into the nut. use locktite if you wish. Don't over tighten. 

XRT Battery Tray

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